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Type: Renovation

Client: Private

Program: Residential 1 unit, Retail white box 1 unit

Location: West village, New York, NY, USA

Budget: $700k

Area: 3600 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2017 – 2019


(Interiors by Megan Grehl Design)

west village art gallery



WEST VILLAGE LANDMARK : A journey through restoration and the research of historical significance. The building has been altered several time since it was first erect in the 1870s. This old carriage house is being brought back to life through a series of structural stunts and restoration moves.


The design is based on historical photos and mix a respect of the original materials with the introduction of contemporary glass and metal materials.



sunken garden: This art gallery, located on a quiet street of the west village, hosts an inverted skylight, bringing light from above down into the space through a sunken box that interrupt the continuity of the gallery space. The design aims at bringing together two private, yet social spaces: The terrace of the residential duplex above and a cultural program in the city at street level. Each visitor will confront a new connection between 2 programs generally secluded one from the other in the City.


Between old and new, our project offers a balance between historical significance and a transformation challenging the limit between public and private that sets the building for a flexible future.