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+ who we are


READ is an interdisciplinary design studio with grounding in architecture.

Our team of architects, designers, engineers and craft-makers come together to produce the most integrative solutions to your projects.



+ We thrive by constantly challenging the status quo.

+ We nourish our collective intelligence by staying up to date with the latest innovations.

+ We organize with modern governance methods that welcome authority.

+ We care by promoting energy effectiveness and regenerative material.

+ We succeed when we deliver an unexpected solution that enhances our client’s motivation.




Côme Ménage

from paris, france

Côme Ménage, Founder and Design Principal

AIA, NCARB, CPHD (Certified Passive House Designer), MsC. Urban Design


Côme Ménage is a licensed Architect in the state of New York and New Jersey that gained experience at firm ODA-New York as an Associate Project Architect. He helped bring the firm from a 10 person operation to a 70+ person operation. He was in charge of the facade design of many multi story iconic residential projects, with an experience ranging from concept to detail execution and construction site management.


A holder of a Master of Science in Urban Design from Columbia University GSAPP, Côme now expands his work at the city scale. He founded ‘Re Architecture Design’ or READ, a practice that redraws the boundary between the private sphere and the public realm through design. The current projects on the boards takes on contextual clues to challenge what is an art gallery, a modern apartment, a library storefront, an ice-cream shop or a nursery.


READ often engages with high performance sustainability and quality through the use of Passive House techniques. The firm is particularly interested in the carbon footprint of the materials we use in construction and in the existing building stock.


It’s a natural fit for READ to use European sustainable building strategies on existing and new buildings. Côme studied Architecture in Paris at the Ecole Nationale Superieure d'Architecture Paris Val de Seine and in Berlin at the Universitat der Kunst (UdK). When intervening on spaces, READ simultaneously applies high performance techniques and seeks to retain traces of the emotional historical heritage that defines them.





megan grehl


Megan Grehl, Principal


Megan established Megan Grehl Design in 2014 and brings her refined ideas about materials, interior details and furniture to READ. She studied art history and urban planning at the University of Pennsylvania from 2004 to 2009. She worked for a large scale planning firm before giving in to her real interest. Her taste in interior design led her to refine her focus on art direction through practice for residential interiors and commercial projects. Megan gained recognition when she led the FF&E department at the prestigious firm Neri and Hu in Shanghai from 2011 to 2014. Working at a large scale international firm allowed her to confidently complete projects at a global level. Living and working in China allowed Megan to become fluent in Mandarin. She is now practicing between New York And Los Angeles. Megan is also starting her furniture and lighting brand worldwide in 2017.


fabián guerra

from bogota, colombia

Fabián Guerra, Project Manager for NYC


Born in New York, Fabián spent most of his life and education in Bogotá, Colombia, where he received a bachelor of arts in Architectural design from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. Before joining READ, Fabián gained experience as a junior architect in a diverse range of architectural projects in Colombia, Chile and New York, where he specialized in retail and housing. Fabián has also participated in a number of architectural workshops and museum installations, fulfilling his passion for creative design. Fabián is a fluent speaker of English and Spanish and enjoys working on architectural and urban renovation projects.

stan de saint quentin

from Montreal, canada

Stan de Saint Quentin, Project Manager for NYC


After he graduated with a Masters degree in commercials and project management, Stan worked for ten years with startups, craft production and sustainable development initiatives. His career led him to take commercial and management responsibilities in various international context, from France to China, Egypt and Canada.

At READ, Stan is in charge of construction project management, business development and team management.

Stan also brings a technical and creative approach to our team. He has always been passionate about shaping life manifestations around him. From carpentry to sculpture, he's spent years experimenting and working with innovative media and materials. With our team, Stan has designed and fabricated custom built-in-pieces for our spaces -- among them, the Surfbench and the 16' counter at Barachou pastry shop.



Rui chen

from nanjing, china

Rui Chen, Architectural Designer for NYC


Rui graduated from South University School of Architecture in China with a bachelor of urban planing, and pursuit his master degree in architecture in Washington University Saint Louis. Rui has gained professional experience working in firms located in multiple cities in China producing drawing documents as well as architecture visualization.

pooja annamaneni

from dubai, uae

Pooja Anamaneni, Architectural Designer for NYC


Grew up in Dubai and India, Pooja graduated from American University of Sharjah with a Bachelor in Architecture and pursuit master degree in Columbia University GSAPP. Pooja is passionate about understanding a project through sections and she believes it is the best way to bring a project to life. In her free time she enjoys working in studio with her pottery wheel.

Marceau Guerin

from paris, france

Marceau Guerin, Project manager for Europe


Marceau got his Phd in environmental engineering at Columbia University, SEAS and his undergrad in energy efficiency in France. He has been researching on forest resilience for many years and obtained a sharp understanding of complex systems. Since he spent his life in cities, he is our perfect fit to bring nature-inspired solutions to urban scenarios. Three words bring him to life : co-living, low-carbon and regeneration.



Geoffrey Ménage, Project manager for Europe


Geoffrey graduated from the Ecole Special d'Architecture in Paris with a Bachelor in Architecture. After working in various countries (France, China, UK, Japan), he is joining force with re-ad. His expertise covers housing and luxury hotel. He worked as a member of the Architectural team in charge of renovating the Ritz hotel, place Vendome in Paris.



geoffrey Ménage

from paris, france


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+ how we think

We believe that Design must take a stand.


Our built environment determines the way we think, move, interact, consume and connect to nature. At READ, we see design as a canvas to ignite conversation and inspire evolutions. Each design is an opportunity to create the conditions to eat, live and work differently. Yet, addressing multiple challenges at once can generate confusion in the message and reduce the READability of a project.



We believe that a good design is a clear cut.


Choosing in a pool of ideas and an ocean of options is what makes our design stand. Seeing the whole and deciding of the focal creates the tension that brings our studio to life. We gather our resources to understand the complexity of each scene, we step back to define the sharpest contours and observe the dominant colors, we eventually channel the light through the most truthful pathway. Few months later, we deliver your project with a unique storyline that lights up the essence of your space and make your ideas stand.



Last, we believe that our clients should also be our partners.


All our clients have ideas and money (energy) to transform a space. All our partners grew with us a relationship of trust and share our commitment to excellence. We desire clients that aim at becoming partners. Healthy relationship creates a fertile container to blend the best ingredients: our skills, experience and creativity along with your vision, expertise and energy. This is our recipe to deliver the extraordinary.



main page

+ what we do

We do a lot. Some of it you know, some you can guess and some we want to tell you in person.


Oh, there is also what we haven’t advertised yet but that we are ready to include in your project. Especially if it is about new materials and techniques, so that we can feed our makers.


Here is a short-list



+ Architecture & Planning:

   Comprehensive architectural services

   Programming and feasibility analysis

   Schematic design

   3D Computer Rendering/Modeling/Visualization

   Design development and documentation

   Construction administration and project management

   Code Compliance

   Due Diligence



+ Positive & regenerative

   Schematic level energy & daylight modeling

   High Performance envelope design

   Double skin facade (DSF)

   High tech and low tech flow management



+ Historic & landmarks

   Rehabilitation & Historic Preservation

   Adaptive reuse

   Landmark filing

   Energy efficiency upgrade



+ Design & Branding strategy

   Design thinking

   Brand platform

   Brand architecture

   Brand design

   Experience consultancy



+ Design and Construction

   Contractor bidding&contractor negotiation

   Coordination of consultants and engineers

   Finishes and lighting

   Wood design and work

   On site high-end construction

   Bio-sources surfaces

interior design

dob approvals & permits

graphic identity

storefront design

decor & furniture design

assistance in food & beverage license/ liquor license

market/branding coordination

finished & lighting

assistance to lease negotiation(loi)

project management


owner's representative

contractor bidding & contractor negotiation

budgeting & timelines


coordination of plumbing, hvac, sprinkler system

architectural drawing

construction admin/report for compliance