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Type: commercial

Client: Private

Program: icecream shop

Location: 132 FRANKLIN ST., ny, usa

Area: 850 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2019





fulgurances : “Fulgurances, l’Adresse” acts as an incubator, welcoming young chefs to take over the kitchen in order to find and refine their identity, test their ideas, and learn how to manage a team, before setting off to open their own restaurant.


The natural evolution of our event “Les seconds sont les premiers”, which brings sous chefs center stage, and a more long-term approach that gives these young talents a creative space where they can thrive.


Our design highlight the upcoming grand chef's activity. On one side of the central table, sits the customer, on the other, the open kitchen is displaying the every move of the work. The material palette we applied throughout the space echoes the chef's passion for natural, raw ingredients that comes alive when put together. We used stainless steel, wood, hand crafted clay tiles : brute materials that naturally complement the brick wall and ceiling tins that were already there when we first went in. A timeless mix of contemporary and historical design elements for a fresh view on the art of dining in a landmark storefront in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.