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Type: commercial

Client: barachou nyc

Program: pastry shop

Location: 449 Amsterdam Avenue, ny, usa

Budget: $150k

Area: 1,413 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2019






barachou custom counter: RE-AD selected and renovated an existing storefront on the Upper West Side, turning it into a light-filled, engaging space that gives the BARACHOU brand a three-dimensional presence. The uncluttered design ensures it is visible and legible from the street, allowing it to stand out in its urban context.


The studio gave the interior a vibrant pink halfway colour split that visually references a chou — a puff pastry filled with cream and topped with a playful sugar “beret”.


The lower section of the store has a desaturated colour palette that allows the colorful product to stand out. The team designed and custom-fabricated an environmentally friendly, resin-based countertop with a marble-textured finish that allowed the project to achieve its aesthetic goals within the small budget.