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Type: Renovation

Client: Private

Program: Residential 1 unit, Retail white box 1 unit

Location: West village, New York, NY, USA

Budget: $700k

Area: 3600 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2016 – 2017


(Interiors by Megan Grehl Design)

west village art gallery



sunken garden: This art gallery, located on a quiet street of the west village, hosts an inverted skylight, bringing light from above down into the space through a sunken box that interrupt the continuity of the gallery space. The design aims at bringing together two private, yet social spaces: The terrace of the residential duplex above and a cultural program in the city at street level. Each visitor will confront a new connection between 2 programs generally secluded one from the other in the City.



Between old and new, our project offers a balance between historical significance and a transformation challenging the limit between public and private that sets the building for a flexible future.