Type: facade installation

Client: venn city

Location: bushwick, Brooklyn, ny

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bushwick community place




BUSHWICK COMMUNITY PLACE : Somewhere within the madness of city life, we want more time to see friends, explore our interests, make a positive impact and yes, even feel comfortable popping over to the neighbor for a cup of sugar. We imagine a place we can really call home…maybe even bring up some kids together.



In developing a community space for a company that emphasizes “harmony between the pace of urban life and our need for more balanced and meaningful lives,” a former garage space in Bushwick underwent an adaptive reuse renovation. By building out from an existing building in the neighborhood and creating a new facade, this project acts as a new symbol of a community. “It’s a place that encourages entrepreneurship, fair pricing, creativity and a network of relationships, all stemming from an inclusive and supportive community.”