Type : Academic Competition

Client: Arquitectum

Program: Museum and storage space

Location: Miami, FL, USA

Budget: -

Area: 2000 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2009


(Collaboration with Maeva Baudoin)

miami beach

art museum

By immigrating to the USA, the immigrants brought to the city of Miami a strong enrichment in terms of cultural diversity. The pier museum, stretched along the whole width of the beach, is crossed by a variety of flows.


The arcade is used as a basic element and generates the poetic aspect of this proposal. While dealing with porosity in a transversal way, they set cones of vision framing different horizons all along the longitudinal movement through the building. Sliding, widening, splitting and hiding, the visitor experience along the pier various horizons echoing the ones people were watching while dreaming about moving one day to the USA.