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Type: Ground up

Client: Private

Program: Residential 2 units

Location: Playa Del Rey, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Budget: $1.5M

Area: 3500 sq.ft.

Calendar: 2016 – 2018


(Interiors by Megan Grehl Design)

l.a. beach house



This private residence is a beach front property in Venice, California, a neighborhood boasting high real estate prices and lively culture. The clients wanted a new home that took advantage of the limitless views of the Pacific Ocean and white beaches. The architecture of this home is inspired by a series of carvings and openings in ancient architecture in Petra, Jordan.


The facade uses a refined material of rammed earth that juxtaposes the light-filled voids of the airy openings throughout the entire space. The interiors are a series of glass cut-outs that allow for views towards the beach from every room in the house. A major element of the space are light-weight stairs and a 3-story atrium that provides the flooding of light throughout the hallways.