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x mission

+ owner's rep

+ management

+ drafting

+ exterior design

+ interior design

+ approvals

what we do

interior design

dob approvals & permits

graphic identity

storefront design

decor & furniture design

assistance in food & beverage license/ liquor license

market/branding coordination

finished & lighting

assistance to lease negotiation(loi)

project management


owner's representative

contractor bidding & contractor negotiation

budgeting & timelines


coordination of plumbing, hvac, sprinkler system

architectural drawing

construction admin/report for compliance

owner’s rep assistance to lease negotiation (loi) owner’s representative budgeting & timelines management project management contractor bidding & contractor negotiation producrement drafting survey architectural drawings coodrination of plumbing, hvac, sprinkler systems design (interior) interior design decor & furniture design finishes & lighting design (exterior) storefront design graphic identity marketing/ branding coordination approvals dob approvals & permits construction admin./ report for compliance assistance in food & beverage license/liquor license read buildings and spaces : understand what they owe to their time, how they relate to all other form of human creative activities. read is about creating a narrative. We place an emphasis on the design processes that promotes multiple readings of one idea and space through time.
representative assistance to lease negotiation owner's representative budgeting time lines
management project management contractor bidding contractor negotiation procurement drafting survey architectural drawing coordination of plumbing, hvac, sprinkler system
design exterior storefront design graphic identity market/branding coordination
design interior interior design decor&furniture design finishes&lighting approval dob approvals&permits construction admin/report for compliance assistance in food&beverage license/liquor license